Just Like That (Gone and Changed): A Midwestern Gay Romance

| December 27, 2017


What happens when you fall in love with your best friend?

Introspective, sensitive Sam and loyal, kind-hearted Will are childhood best friends who grew up together on neighboring farms. They’ve shared everything — until Sam leaves for college and shuts Will out of his life.

Home for summer break and convinced his secret feelings aren’t reciprocated, Sam rejects Will at every turn. Will grows increasingly frustrated and desperate. The tension between them is unbearable, until Will confronts Sam at their favorite swimming hole and forces the situation to a passionate confrontation.

Now, as their long-hidden feelings for each other come to the surface, they’ll have to learn how to turn a lifelong friendship into a first love unlike any other.

Read the erotic romance novella that reviewers are calling “captivating,” “uplifting,” “tender,” “sexy,” “gorgeous,” and “a romantic coming-of-age tale that will sweep you away.”


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