Twice Blessed (A Spirited Thriller about a Scandalous Crime)

| December 27, 2017


Updated on 25 Dec 2017
A candid story about a young student, her loving family, delightful college friends and their struggles due to an unanticipated incident that could have happened to anyone, inclosing someone you know.

With mounting fear, Tamannah and the rest of The Gang plead with the police officer to let them through but he refuses. In a spur of the moment decision, helped by their growing panic, they push past him and rush to their friend’s room. At the door, they come to an abrupt halt. A chilling scene welcomes them….

The Determination

Tamannah is the youngest and most pampered member of her family. She and her group of friends are all set to rock their semester holidays when tragedy strikes. Tamannah is convinced that there is more to the situation than what is obvious. She is determined to find out the complete truth believing that once she has all the answers, life will be bearable again.

The Truth

Matters are far from simple. Her every move brings her closer to the truth she seeks. She doggedly continues her pursuit without considering the possibility that reality may be miles away from anything she had imagined. At once scandalous and scalding, it has the potential to destroy anyone who plays with it.

The Aftermath

Everything is lost. As the tentacles of reality twist their grip around her universe, what started out as a fight for justice, becomes one for survival. Her relationships, reputation, achievements, present, future . . . , everything she holds dear is at stake. Letting go seems to be the easiest option. But will that resolve the matter or ease her problems?

Praise for diverse aspects of the novel

“You need to read the entire book to appreciate the aptness of the title.” Ashok Rajani, Amazon Review
“You will be travelling with the author from page 1.” Kumanan , Amazon Review
“The fast pace is complimented by the clever use of ingenious phrases that stick to mind.” Amazon Customer
“Twice Blessed is a lot more than a thriller.” Gayathri Sitharaman , Amazon Review.
“Thought mystery was solved very early in the book..and then the twist came and then one more…and more..” Amazon Customer
“The main and the supporting characters throughout the plot are well plotted.” Swapna Peri , Amazon Review
“The book is different from other books i read of indian authors.” Priya, Amazon Review
“Rani has a unique writing style that keeps you hooked to the narrative.” Manu A Rajan, Amazon Review.

Twice Blessed is a sweet story with a heart. Tamannah and her doting family will make you fall in love with their way of life. Her friends will resonate with your real life pals and rekindle fond memories of fun times together. Her passion will sweep you into her journey. Her grief will tug at your heartstrings. Her grit will make you cheer for her and love her more. You may agree or disagree with her choices but she will make sure you have an opinion. Twice Blessed is her story. Come be a part of it. She is on that less travelled road where every step leads to a new discovery!

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