Organic Gardening’s Black Gold Composting: The ultimate gardener’s guide to composting (Black Gold Organic Gardening Series)

| August 9, 2013


Organic Gardening's Black Gold Composting: The ultimate gardener's guide to composting (Black Gold Organic Gardening Series)

“The easy solution to the problem of organic waste disposal and soil enrichment with out spending a lot of money”

This new organic gardening guide breaks down the various composting styles and their methods of usage to provide just the essentials to the new gardener. This report will have you on your way to that bountiful harvest that will help feed you and your family while adding beautiful foliage to your home and outdoor areas.

You will be introduced to the following subjects:

Introducing compost bins, piles and tumblers. (which one is right for you and your location)

How to save money by constructing your own.
How to balance nitrogen and carbon rich materials without a calculator or scale.
Vermicomposting (worm farming) in your home. (don’t worry, the little critters will not invade your home)
Bokashi Composting which allows the composting of all organic kitchen waste, including meat, fish, dairy and pet feces.
How to keep your compost bins and piles trouble free and what to do if a problem does arise.
How to make or collect and use compost, worm and Bokashi tea. (liquid gold)

Mr. O’Halloron provides his readers with a thorough and informative guide of materials and creative, but time tested, techniques and procedures that lead the reader to an efficient and rewarding gardening experience. His description of personal experiences and research will guide you through all of the steps of the commonly used basics and explore various additional methods of indoor and outdoor compost gardening.

This guide is the source you need whether you are a rural, suburban, urban or a boat dwelling resident and have a field, garden or use container growing. In it you will find a method of composting tailored for your needs.


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