RUINS – The Ancient Secret

| December 28, 2017


RUINS – The Ancient Secret is an amazing science fiction novel telling the story of a group of Scientists who discover the imminent destruction of the Earth. During a research project on a comet, they find that the Asteroid Pallas is nearing the Earth and fast! Along with the urging, and sometimes suspicious actions of old Professor Harrington, they discover he has a secret. One that tests the very essence of their survival.

With the impending apocalyptic event nearing they are thrown into unknown wonders and perilous dangers. They find that Harrington’s Ancient secret is capable of either their destruction or their salvation, on levels unimagined.

In secrecy, they provision, and prepare to move their plan forward. Faced with obstacles in their own lives and those who would try sabotage their efforts, they struggle to reach their goal before certain destruction.

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