Extracts from The Smarty Pants Series; facts, trivia, & general knowledge

| December 28, 2017


“Extracts From The Smarty Pants Series” is a collection of facts, trivia, and general knowledge taken from each of the books that have been published in the series so far…
•Do you ever get the feeling that you are not alone in bed – that’s because a mattress can be home to up to 10 million dust mites!
•Male mice sing to attract female attention.
•Eskimos treated teething infants to a piece of whale blubber.
•Dolphins have been observed getting high on pufferfish; Australian wallabies have been experimenting with opium, and animals in Africa have also misbehaved by getting intoxicated on fruit from the marula tree.
•The residents in the village of Nagoro in Japan are mostly scarecrows.
•When infrasound is used in horror movies it intensifies the fear viewers experience.
•Crows can hold a grudge for up to three years.
Examples of various sections from the books have also been included, such as famous people’s last words and some random thoughts. The series covers a vast range of fun facts, strange facts, and random facts and is both educational and thought provoking.

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