Remington’s Tower (Remixed Fairy Tales #1)

| December 28, 2017


Remington McKinney has led a sheltered life. For thirteen years, she’s been homeschooled by her uncle and had only him, her four older cousins, and the mountains of West Virginia for company. She’s almost twenty-one, and she’s finally at college, where she’s free to live and make her own choices, to have friends, and maybe even date. Her cousin, Byron, intends to keep her just as sheltered as she’s ever been. Good thing she’s not afraid of him and not willing to let anyone or anything keep her from experiencing everything good in life.

She’s also not going to let Worthy, a man she’s drawn to and can’t stop thinking about, push her away without pushing back. She’s waited too long for freedom to be scared away by Worthy’s gruff brush-offs. When she decides to date Byron’s fraternity friends, in a misguided effort to gain independence, Worthy steps up to be one of her suitors. He has his own reasons to stay away from Remington, but he can’t deny his attraction to her.

Just when she’s starting to enjoy her freedom, the nightmares start. Nightmares she hasn’t had since she was eight, when her father died and her uncle took her in. Nightmares that suggest her childhood wasn’t what she’d always believed, that her father wasn’t the sedate tax accountant her uncle claimed he was. Remington tries to push the nightmares out of her thoughts and focus on her blossoming relationship with Worthy, but when her nightmares start to interfere with her life, Worthy insists they discover the truth about her past. A truth that will change everything Remington believes about herself.

**This is a full-length stand-alone novel, loosely based on Rapunzel, that can be read alone or as part of the series.**


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