Point and Shoot for Your Life

| December 29, 2017


Photographer Hannah Mills is down on her luck, and out of work. Just as she is about to get evicted, her great aunt Dorothy wills her a rare Navajo blanket, worth a million dollars.

But before Hannah gets the chance to auction the blanket, human traffickers kidnap her niece Mandy and take her to France… and the blanket is the ransom.

With her niece’s life hanging in the balance, Hannah must take drastic measures. The sexy FBI agent Finn MacNally by her side, they set on a comical, romantic journey, while trying to take down Russia’s biggest human and drug trafficking ring.

Can they save Mandy’s life, and will Hannah get one final roll in the hay with Finn… Or will they both end up staring down the wrong end of a gun?

ReadFree.Ly 2016 Best Indie Book Finalist


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