I Am a Butterfly: A Story About Big, Beautiful Changes

| December 29, 2017


*Links for free butterfly resources and photos inside the book.*

“I Am a Butterfly” is a blend of science and fiction, creating a delightful story of finding and becoming yourself. So as you learn (or teach) the main stages of metamorphosis, you may just overcome your fear of the dark. And learn that you are a butterfly, too.

A monarch faces metamorphosis, overcomes her fear of the dark chrysalis, and takes flight with beautiful new wings. These big changes, though scary at first, bring new friends and delicious nectar.

Detailed, full-color photographs enable the reader to see mouth-parts, legs, antennae, and light filtering through butterflies’ wings. To help readers visualize the true size of each stage of metamorphosis, a penny opposite full-page photos shows scale size.

Environmentally conscious readers will find resources and action points for becoming actively engaged in protecting the monarch butterfly population at home and at school– including how to attract monarchs to their own backyard, which is both fun and helpful in supporting and growing back the endangered monarch butterfly population.

Ideal for teachers, parents, kids, monarch butterfly lovers, healers, coaches, nature spirits, and mindfulness-meditators. Adults reading along will be able to relate to the butterfly’s big changes and be reminded that after the dark chrysalis come the beautiful wings.

I Am a Butterfly includes:
* Detailed photos of each stage of metamorphosis
* Ideas to attract monarchs to your school or backyard
* Resources to protect monarch butterflies
* Internet links for butterfly research
* A life cycle diagram
* Fun facts about butterflies
* Opportunities to discuss life skills
* Hope and optimism

*Links for free butterfly resources and photos inside the book.*
Photos look amazing on an electronic device.

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