The book of Narain – the Rising

| December 30, 2017


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Ever enjoyed an adventure that is beyond an ordinary story book? Introducing ‘The Book of Narain’ – a fun filled VFX illustrated tale of friendship, courage, love and adventure. The fun just begins with the story and goes on with free downloadable games and puzzles, coloring pages, posters and much more. This book is crafted to give young growing minds an immersive reading experience through a fun filled tale, that children will cherish and hold close to their hearts.

The story of Narain starts in the African savannas, where a clan of meerkats face the greatest danger of their life, from their arch-rivals and an occult. What follows is an inspiring tale about their rising, that pivots on team work, love and companionship, when the beasts of the African wild join hands to strive for the seemingly impossible.

The story is narrated in 280+ pages with more than eighty life-like illustrations made using the latest 3D VFX technology. The rich vibrant pictures add life and soul to the story and help your young mind’s imagination spread wings. All those who buy a copy can freely access exciting bonus content for hours of enjoyment and fun. These include Quest game layouts based on Narain’s story, Jig-saw puzzles, coloring pages, posters and more.

[Please note that the bonus contents are free give-aways which neither this book nor its story depend on for completion of the reading experience. It is completely optional for the reader to download and enjoy the bonus contents]

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Please note: This is the digital version of ‘The book of Narain – the Rising’ that can be enjoyed on all devices including Kindle paperwhite (all eInk screens), Fire, Smartphone, Tablet, PC or Mac. Full color and black & white paperback print versions of the book are also available separately through amazon.

[Important: This book when viewed at a medium size font setting easily has more than 280 pages, while amazon listing estimates a lower page count. This could be because the book is rich in illustrations and that the pages with images possibly gets omitted during page count estimation. The print version of this book that has considerably larger dimensions (8″x10″) with smaller font laid out itself has 240+ pages.]


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