Mostly Stories About Love

| August 10, 2013


Mostly Stories About Love

An eclectic collection of short stories!

This ebook contains five stories:

  • A story about a talented landscape designer who thinks he can boss his wife around. (This is an excerpt from a novel to be published late August 2013).
  • A short story vaguely inspired by the old Kane and Able story.
  • A short novel about a little girl who brings riches and fame to the people of an island. She also makes several hundred sea animals walk on land and talk like regular folk.
  • An unfinished story about a billionaire teen with a death wish.
  • A short novel about Maddy the Fearful. She also calls herself Maddy the mouse, Maddy no backbone, Chicken-a-la-Maddy, and Maddy Milquetoast.

An eclectic collection indeed!

Two short novels, one short story, one unfinished story, and one excerpt. Each one a different genre, different settings, different time periods, different this, different that. Most stories are realistic, but one is a fantasy. Some main characters are young, others are young at heart, others not so much.

So many differences. Why then collect these different stories in one volume? It’s simple. They are not really different. They are very similar–at heart. The differences are all on the surface. At heart, these stories are all the same. All stories are the same, in fact.

All stories are love stories.

It doesn’t matter what the genre is. Romance, mystery, western, science fiction. No matter. The good guy loves something or someone or both. The bad guy hates something or someone or both. (The bad guy loves to hate, by the way.) And the story unfolds as these characters clash against each other. At the end, love emerges triumphant. It is true that some stories end unhappily. I prefer not to discuss them.


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