Haiku Generosity Haiku Calendar

| December 31, 2017


Haiku Generosity Haiku Calendar is a daily calendar for 2018 featuring 365 original American Haiku written by humorist Melissa Balin; highlighting quirky and traditional holidays, causes, and trivia for musing and rumination. #GiveAHaiku daily with Haiku Generosity. This fun anthology of micropoetry makes for great daily inspiration, journaling, and planning random adventures!

What Is American Haiku? American Haiku is a genre of micropoetry recognized by writer Melissa Balin, to address the thousands of short poems previously categorized as “improper haiku”. American Haiku are inspired by the Japanese Haiku, containing a seasonal reference to being fully present, while juxtaposing multiple meanings regarding the nature of a person, place, thing, or concept, within the discipline of seventeen syllables. American Haiku may contain punctuation, symbols, hashtags, and may or may not rhyme. American Haiku rarely holds up to the rigorous standards of traditional haiku, however it is enjoyed as stand-alone poetry and has carved its own niche over the generations.

Melissa Balin is an international filmmaker, activist, and an American Haikuist, working to bring a sense of wonder and celebration with each new day.

2018 marks the First Edition Printing of the Haiku Generosity Haiku Calendar. Enjoy!

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