Suburban Underbelly

| August 10, 2013


Suburban Underbelly

What happens when three stay-at-home moms in suburbia decide they need a regular “play date” as much as their kids do?

Jill, Lucy and Quinn decide to give themselves a break from the suburban ritual of motherhood as a competitive sport with three hours a week of freedom without kids.  Can the play dates save their true identities from shriveling up?  The women push boundaries, satisfy curiosities, and liberate the parts of themselves lost somewhere between diapers and runny noses.

Suburban Underbelly is Michele Theron’s tale of what really happens in suburbia during the day. It’s more real than Real Housewives, as hot as Sex in the City, and just as snarky as Desperate Housewives.


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  1. Emma,
    Thank you so much for posting this!

  2. Emma says:

    You are welcome. I love helping to promote other women authors. Keep up the great work!