Holding Fire

| January 6, 2018

Holding Fire Book Cover

“A sensitive depiction of the power of both love and land.” – Kirkus Reviews

The conflict between the cattle ranchers of Midas County and the federal government has been smoldering for more than 20 years. Harlan Hale, the crusty Nevada cowboy, has had enough. When the BLM tries to seize his herd, Harlan meets them head-on, matching gun for gun. The slightest twitch will set off a war.

So Will Bearfoot is coming home. The big-wigs in Washington need a hammer for a nasty nail and have sent their best ranger, a Shoshone Indian, to keep the powder keg from exploding.

Except fire comes in many forms.

Caught in this violent maelstrom are two others from Will’s past – John Henry Hale, Harlan’s oldest boy, now a firefighter who has seen too much death already. He doesn’t want his father to be the next body he finds. And John Henry’s wife, Jordan, Will Bearfoot’s first and only love, the girl he left behind more than twenty years ago. When she learns of Will’s return, the fire breathes again.

Packed with suspense, Holding Fire is a page-turning tale of the modern west, a story of good people struggling against the forces of nature, not the least of which is the beautiful and terrible power of attraction, of instinctive love.

“Borgos seamlessly braids several intersecting plotlines into a unified tapestry . . . in this debut novel.” – Kirkus Reviews

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