Three Soulful Short Stories

| January 1, 2018


The book contains three stories:
Story 1 – Path to Perfection: Have you ever left your family to chase your goals only to find that without family, life is worthless? A young Parth asks his father the purpose of life. What his father explains is beyond his imagination. Some events turn his life into the experience through which he understands the purpose of life. What does he experience? What is the purpose?

Story 2 – The Unspoken Bond: Have you ever been hurt by someone whom you loved and respected the most? Raaman lives in a joint family, which he loves and takes pride in. He loves his uncle (Bade Paa) and aunty (Badi Maa) very much. When his Bade Paa dies untimely, he finds it difficult to accept the truth. However, unaware of his mental condition, his Badi Maa questions his love for his Bade Paa. He is emotionally shattered but is unable to give vent to his emotions. How does he finally get out of this emotional struggle?

Story 3 – Being Loved: Have you ever loved someone so passionately that you forgot the boundary between real and imaginary? Adarsh and Vandana are in love. He is ready to marry her; but when it is her turn to decide, she refuses. Everybody is shocked to know her decision. Adarsh’s friend tries to find the reason for her refusal and is stunned to know the truth. Vandana says she never loved him, but Adarsh is mad for her. A mystery girl adds to the problem. What is the truth of their relationship?

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