The Mathematical Proof for Christianity

| January 1, 2018


The facts in this book will help you to see why Christianity is not a “blind faith” based on chance, but rather, a rational faith based on evidence. There are plenty of strong reasons to accept the message of the Bible, and the message of Christ. And it would be wise for you to know these reasons in order to make an educated decision concerning the most famous person who has ever walked on the earth.

In addition to showing the mathematical proof for Christianity, this book also presents: 40 questions to determine the true religion; 7 reasons to completely trust the Bible; the world’s most popular religion; 7 satanic strategies to distract from Christianity; and how Christianity doesn’t make sense until you jump.

You will also learn why Christ cannot be one of many gods, and why your religious upbringing doesn’t make your religion true.

All in all, this book delivers the evidence and the reasons you need to know in order to come to terms with the truth of Christianity, as compared to certain false perceptions some people have about Christ and the Bible . The truth can only set you free if you know it and embrace it. This book will give you that opportunity.

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