FURY in the STORM: Where Christians Dare (The Leeward Set Book 1)

| January 1, 2018


FURY in the STORM: Where Christians Dare, Book One of The Leeward Set by D.I. TELBAT, previously published as SEA SCRIBE, is a covert mission suspense that takes place in and around North Korea.

Protagonist Troy Forge was stabbed in a work-related incident, and now every ounce of his faith is tested as he lives to hate the man, Juan Ambula, who scarred and damaged him for life.

As a storm brews across the high seas, Troy, though still suffering from pain and loss, sets sail in his customized catamaran on a dangerous smuggling mission to the closed communist country of North Korea. Just days after leaving California’s West Coast, the voyage proves to be anything but a smooth trip. Facing many risks and dangers, Troy makes discoveries—including an opportunity for revenge—that change his life forever.

Ho Kichun—cut off from the outside world—is a networker for the Christian Underground Church inside North Korea. As he travels secretly serving the persecuted throughout the mountainous terrain, he prays to meet the covert contact—if Kichun isn’t killed by an assassin first!

Contraband smuggler Merrick Jolan is hot after Troy to kill the Christian sailor by way of his Russian bodyguard, Dmitri Volkov. But if Troy can’t meet Elephant on time, the Christian underground network may crumble.

Laura Zisk leaves a broken past in her wake that she refuses to face. As a professed atheist, she tries to run as far from her life as she can, only to be confronted with the hardest test of her being.

Fury in the Storm—a 70,000-word novel of clean action/suspense, with cover design by Streetlight Graphics—reveals the boldness of Christians who risk everything to assist their foreign brothers and sisters in underground danger! This page-turning adventure will leave you gasping for air as the stormy deep threatens to drown God’s people in the closed frontier of forbidden land and waters of North Korea. And we see that God uses anyone who is willing.

Bonuses include: a glossary of terms, character sketch, FREE drawing downloads, and Bonus Chapter of Tears in the Wind, Book Two of The Leeward Set.

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