The Sky Between Two Worlds–From Earth to the Stars

| January 2, 2018


The saga of Kantak Johnson and his family continues through and past The Great Oil War of 2034. Kantak, a war hero, establishes a company to provide goods, safe jobs and services for Native Alaskans, including advanced robots. He serves Alaska as Governor and thereafter is asked to serve as a Member of the North American Parliament, necessitating that he transfer the growing robot business to his daughter Luanne. He and Luanne design a special robot named James to protect her and assist her in the business.
The company produces new robots of great capability but nonetheless faces threats. Fast -money speculators play rough. Human workers fear that robots will take their jobs, and old quarrels between East and West reignite conflict, this time using robot armies.
Advanced robots learn from human history and their own experience. They conclude that humans cannot be dissuaded from greed and war, and they take appropriate action to establish a better civilization elsewhere.


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