Air Whisperers of Nkandla

| January 3, 2018


The Air can be gentle or sharp as an assegai.
“We’ve heard your family can walk the skies without contraptions. They can reach places in silence that many of us would like to visit. Fetch them now so we can talk to them.” The punk grinned, exposing his sharpened teeth and diamond encrusted incisors.

Among the African people, they have a secret power. And in the forests of Nkandla, the locals have the power to whisper to the air and ask it to do almost anything.
Pheobe’s family is under threat from the Zulu king and has to take extraordinary measures to save their lives and protect their heritage. Forced to fight an enemy behind the Zulu king’s throne, who wants to the see the end to any threat to the king, including the Air Whisperers of Nkandla.

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