The Last Train to Glasgow

| January 5, 2018


Due to ever-increasing economic crisis, political uncertainties and global warming the industrial era comes to an end. In many parts of the world this is violent with indigenous populations regaining control of their land.

However, in the UK it is handled with a certain amount of control, with all power and fossil fuel supplies being switched off at 1 am on the 21st of June (Shutdown). In order for people to get where they need to be ‘Last Trains’ leave London to arrive before midnight.

James Last should be on the Last Train to Truro and to be married the next day. However, his brother in law to be gets him drunk and dumps him on the Last Train to Glasgow. James wakes up, hung-over, in Scotland just as Shutdown takes place. Just before the world goes quiet he manages to email his fiancée that he will make his way back to her. He sets of South and finds that without motorised transport the going is going to be exceptionally tough.


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