Have It All 3: Living in Exponential Abundance Now (Kingdom of Blessings)

| August 11, 2013


Have It All 3: Living in Exponential Abundance Now (Kingdom of Blessings)

“A single idea can change the course of your life.” This book is packed with great ideas, fantastic tools, things you can do to change things right here, right now, and things that will shift the direction you’re moving.

There are some incredibly powerful tools in this book! If you want to experience Abundance TODAY, Chapter 1 will give you tools for that. Need a shift in awareness that lets you see Abundance RIGHT THERE at nearly any moment of any day? Chapter 2 will show you. It will show you how to transform some of the hardest things to take into some of the most powerful blessings in your life!

Chapter 3 is packed. Want tools to see more Abundance? It’s there. How about finding love and romance? It’s there, too, with such elegant, powerful simplicity that you’ll be astonished that no one ever showed you such things before! Spirituality, knowledge and skill? Tools are there for that, too.

Chapter 4 dives right into an admission sometimes ignored in the Law of Attraction and Abundance movement: limited resources and how to use them. While many philosophical thinking on resources talks about them being unlimited, the simple fact of it is that none of us is in harmony with unlimited resources. So we dive right in to how to take our limited resources and use them to craft an AMAZING life!

Chapter 5 dives into another important thing to keep in mind: Things change. What do we DO when what used to work no longer works? According to the Law of Harmony, we adjust to come back in harmony with what is. Sure, we might have been harmony with what was – but if what was no longer is, we need to change.

Law of Attraction teachers sometimes teach that attract whatever comes. That’s a hard pill to swallow when someone is the target of crime, abuse, or natural disaster. It’s a hard pill to swallow, and Conway believes that it’s also wrong. What IS true, though, is that we are in harmony with whatever comes. If it comes into your life, you were in harmony with it. If you want more, stay in harmony with it. If you want less, get out of harmony with it!

Chapter 7 deals with the hard reality that sometimes things go wrong – sometimes horribly wrong. This is always important to keep in mind. The lessons of Chapter 6 naturally lead to this conclusion. When it happens, it does not mean anything is “wrong.” It just means “that’s the way these things work out sometimes.”

Fortunately, there’s an answer! Bad outcomes happen to good, skilled people… and you can pick up the pieces, take a good, solid look at what you have and adjust. Then once you’ve caught your breath (yes, we might need a break after we get hit hard by life), we can charge forward full steam ahead!

Then we get into some powerful, powerful tools! Chapter 8 shares Conway’s unique Miracle Pack tool that has up until now been reserved for only his personal clients. This is the first time he’s actually put it into print and made it available for the public! This one tool can make a massive difference in every role you occupy everywhere you go!

Another Power Tool is found in Chapter 9. Ever had someone invite themselves to intrude into your other relationships? Do you ever wonder how to deal with it? A simple, direct, easy Boundary Tool is provided for you in Chapter 9.

Have It All 3 finishes with a very short summary of a much larger lesson: Life Transformation System. Chapter 10 is distilled down from a twelve lesson course Conway teaches. It should be a book by itself, and, perhaps, someday it will be.

Have It All 3 is a powerful set of reports, each of which can stand alone, and any of which have the power to transform your life.

Enjoy living life in the Kingdom of Blessings!


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