Wake Up! How Starting your Day at 5 A.M. will Change your Life

| August 11, 2013


Wake Up! How Starting your Day at 5 A.M. will Change your Life

“There is no doubt that this is the best book on waking up early on the Kindle store!.” – Sean Elmridge

Throughout history millions of successful and famous people have attributed their success to getting a head start on the day. This book will show you what successful early risers do once they are up and teach you step-by-step how you can become an early riser.
Based on scientific research and neurological studies, among many other topics, this book will explain you how genetics and hormones influence your sleep rhythm, what “REM sleep” and the “Circadian Rhythm” actually are, how the food you eat before going to bed and how your bedroom temperature will affect the quality of your sleep.
The numerous benefits of rising early far outweigh any temporary discomfort as you learn to adjust to the new time and routine. If you stick with the tips in this book, within months (if not weeks), you’ll start to see a difference in your own life, making it all worthwhile.
Your early morning time is your time. It benefits you and helps you achieve your goals and be the success you want to be.

“I’m getting up early every single morning since a couple of months now! Before having read this book I was struggling to even get up at 8 or 9 AM, this book showed me exactly how to make the transition from being a night owl to becoming a morning lark!” – Joanna McAllister

“I’ve read multiple books on becoming an early riser, but none of them provided a step-by-step guide that actually works. I can really recommend this book to anyone who wants to benefit from quiet of the morning.” – James Goldenberg

“I already knew that many successful entrepreneurs start their day while every one else is still sleeping, but this book explains exactly what they do in their morning routine that makes them so successful. It’s a great read and I’ve received a lot of useful advice that I can use in my everyday life.” – Naomi Meyer


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