Destiny’s Surprise: At one step from disaster and two from perfect love

| January 6, 2018


Brooklyn is a teenage runaway with no dreams other escaping the abusive home in which she was raised.

After years of molestation by her drunken stepfather, Brooklyn decides that the only road out is the one that she must pave for herself. With her last few dollars, she purchases a one-way ticket to New York City – chasing nothing but the dream of a normal life. Cast into a world of prostitution, Brooklyn reclaims her sexuality in the one way that life had taught her how to. Numbed by men and cut off to the rest of the world Brooklyn’s only desire becomes making it through another day with the cards that life had dealt her.

But will her hell finally come to an end when she meets a mysterious John, who doesn’t want the one product that she has to offer?

Is he the prince charming that she’d only seen in fairytales? Or has Satan just found another face? Anything can happen beneath the gleam of the city lights.


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