Larceny For Beginners

| January 6, 2018


ROY BLABS, 27, a handsome but rumpled college chemistry professor, is puzzling over a formula when TWO STUDENTS accidentally start a chain reaction. Racks of laboratory glassware fall like dominoes, splashing into Roy’s ramen lunch. When he tosses it into a trash bin, he makes an amazing discovery: The noodles can be sculpted into any shape imaginable.
Roy is rushing to the post office with a stamped envelope when he runs into his ex-girlfriend JANE HAGGARD. A svelte but scrappy 25, Jane is fleeing from two mean-looking hulks, THUG and GOON. After a brief struggle, she manages to escape. Thug and Goon capture Roy instead, intending to use him as bait. Roy claims to have no business with Jane, as he’s a chemistry professor, and she’s with the police. Distracted by some lawn sprinklers, the bumbling baddies let Roy slip away. Then the adventure really begins…


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