Zakhirkoot: The Great Adventure

| January 7, 2018


Even before Lightson could begin to understand how he mysteriously woke up in the strange land of Shreik-Daila, he finds that his life is at risk. As he runs into stranger and more dangerous places by the day, he is also supported by new and unusual friends: a dwarf, a lion-bear, a scholarly worm, and a 150-year-old teenage girl. Together they brave the deadly woods of Zakhirkoot, the one place where the writ of the king doesn’t hold. Scuffling with death itself, the five companions seek an old merchant who might have some answers. But soon they find themselves in the midst of an epic battle. This journey teaches them perseverance, sacrifice and wisdom. Zakhirkoot is the story of this boy’s quest to solve this enigma and return home to his mother. Neither the travelers nor the reader will remain unchanged once the adventure reaches its climax.

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