Eternal Love: My Happily Ever After (Eternal love, Happily Ever After, Short story)

| January 7, 2018


When you are 23 and fresh out of college, brimming with potential, you believe nothing can hold you back and you are partially correct. Your views about life are still a bit askew and confined to the ideologies you held within the constrained walls of the university system and if you are like me who has always had everything handed to them, you would feel the world owed you something. I felt I was owed happiness, and I was owed love, my parents’ divorce when I was barely 3 years old affirmed my thoughts. This was why when I met Mike during my sophomore year; I knew he was the one I was going to marry. It was a cosmic reward. This was the world repaying me after I had been harshly done by. But despite all of this, I am still not sure what to say to him as he kneels before me today and says, “Sophie Marilyn Hawkings, will you marry me?”


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