Tales From Turnaround Cottage: Fairy Stories for an Older Generation

| January 12, 2018


This is a book of highly original Fairy Tales, though drawing on universal themes. The book is set in a Magical version of Sussex, a County where anything can – and probably does – happen. Here the little River Flitter runs down from the High Weald, through Punnetts Town, eventually to join the sea in Seven Sisters Bay.

Strange things happen to people who stay in Turnaround Cottage. It is a converted post mill, which has lost its sails. Now it has become a somewhat mysterious bed and breakfast venue, looked after by a newly retired health worker, Helena Brown. And the Mice. Don’t ignore the Mice – generations of active, chatty, cheese-loving, philosophical Mice.

Though the Mill’s main purpose is long gone, the Winds, North, South, East and West, blow the old place around as if it could still grind corn. Now the Winds love telling stories instead and the place may well have just the tale you need, whether you know it or not. So, come in, come in! Turn the pages and find your own special story!

About the Author
Elinor Kapp MB. BS. DPM. FRCPsych. BA. is an eminent retired psychiatrist and psychotherapist with an added degree in Embroidered Textiles. She is a keen Storyteller and Writer, who has published two books on words derived from textiles. She has a keen sense of humour and loves company, including that of her lovely family.


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