GIFTED (Chronicles of the Imagination Book 1)

| January 12, 2018


Riveting from the start – A thrilling Short Read
Despite her strange appearance, Gemah never questioned the story of her birth. That changed with her twelfth birthday. When Gemah accidentally reveals one of her special abilities in public, she sets into motion a dangerous chain of events that could cost her life.

Filled with compelling characters, well researched science, and heart stopping action, GIFTED draws you in and keeps you spell bound. If you enjoy thrillers with lots of action and paranormal activity, then you’ll love GIFTED!

What readers are saying about GIFTED:

  • “I couldn’t put it down. I had to keep reading to find out what happens next.”
  • “I didn’t want it to end. I hope there’ll be a second book.”
  • “The story pulls you along. You can’t put it down until you’re done!”

‘Chronicles of the Imagination’ is a series of science fiction and fictional novellas. Each story is a complete episode providing you with the same experience as reading a full length book when time is limited.
Pick up GIFTED now and enjoy your well deserved escape from reality!


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