ShockWaves (ShockWaves Series)

| August 12, 2013


ShockWaves (ShockWaves Series)

Lee Banner has one passion, parkour; one secret, he’s telepathic; and one problem, an ex-IRA terrorist, with a thirst for revenge, has kidnapped the girl of his dreams.
Sixteen year old Lee Banner thinks he’s a daydreamer. One minute he’s watching the football, the next he’s seeing a girl in a car crash. It’s so real he can feel her fear, hear her scream. But when he meets Paige Harper, the girl from the crash, and her parents have actually been killed in a hit-and-run accident, can it really be just his over-active imagination?
And then Paige is kidnapped. Will their special connection and Lee’s parkour be enough to save her?
ShockWaves is the first in a new fast-moving action-packed adventure trilogy aimed at readers of The Cherub Series, Alex Rider and The Medusa Project.


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