Eye of the Snake

| January 13, 2018


When the mysterious woman whispers ‘You’re not going to like me when the sun goes down’ before escaping from the back of the car and disappearing in the darkening woods of Westgate Park, Charlie Violetta finds himself in an unfamiliar situation. Out of all his victims, she is the first to escape his clutches. No one before has ever come close. Not until now that is.

With time against him as the sun sets, Charlie must find the woman before gangster boss Alistair Quilt arrives to interrogate the mysterious woman as to the whereabouts of his son. However, the woman has vanished as if she was not there in the first place, and as Charlie searches, he begins to relive memories of his past. The rising voice of his father in his mind, the dread of what lies in wait deep within the swampy mess of the forest, and his instilled fear of snakes.

Will Charlie find the woman in time or will he fall victim of what waits for him deep within Westgate Park? Only time will tell, but time is something Violetta does not have. The beastie is coming, and Charlie is oblivious to its coming as he stands, unsuspecting, within the failing light of the park, held paralysed within the eye of the snake.

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