Dragon Ranger Book 1: Transitioning

| January 13, 2018


The Rangers question Galigaos concerning the whereabouts of the captured Rangers. Meanwhile, Reia Dragonhaart, Reis’ sister prepares to rescue them. Alpha tells Reis that for a while he and Reia will walk separate paths. Meanwhile Reis has began to tutor Aurora in the Dragonhaart Fencing Style. Reis notes her impatience and Shin informs him that Aurora may be beginning to develop feelings of responsibility towards Saggeese due to her love for him. Old Lady Kamikaze informs the Dragonlord of her recent visions. Considering advice from both Master Jin and Mistress Kira, the Dragonlord decides that the Rangers must act without alerting their foes to their movements. Meanwhile Shin encounters Epsilon, the second Dragon Sovereign in a vision. He questions Epsilon regarding recent happenings and expresses his confusion. Epsilon responds to his concerns and bonds with him. As a result, Shin’s hair turns Silver like Reis’ and Reis informs him that soon, his knowledge will begin to expand as well. This frightens Shin. A month passes and the Guild expands. The new members of the Guild begin to realize superhuman abilities but quite a number of them are not gifted in combat. The Dragonlord suggests they trust in the will of Aralpheisl and these new non-combat abilities are collectively referred to as Improvised Dragon Abilities. Meanwhile Reis encounters a mysterious place within his dreams where he is assigned to certain tasks. He doesn’t yet understand the significance of these tasks but they appear to be important.

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