Breakfast Mug Menus: Quick & Easy Meals for Everyone

| August 13, 2013


Breakfast Mug Menus: Quick & Easy Meals for Everyone

There’s almost nothing more fun than making elaborate meals with nothing more than a mug, the occasional mixing bowl and a good old-fashioned microwave oven!

These recipes are mouth-watering, delicious and simple to make. The breakfast mug is a great way to bring the most important meal of the day to your entire family without having to stress over preparation and cooking times. The best part is that these recipes can all be tweaked to suit your taste buds!

Here is a list of the great recipes found inside:

Delicious Southwestern-Style Eggs in a Mug
Cinnamon Flax Mug Muffins
Quick & Easy Power Breakfast Mug
Blueberry Oat Breakfast Muffin Mug
Eggs & Bacon Mug
Tasty Italian-Style Breakfast Mug
Heavenly Coffee Mug Quiches
Simple French Toast Breakfast Mug
Baked Apple Banana Oatmeal Mug
Cinnamon Roll Mug
Chili Dog Breakfast Mug
Greens, Eggs & Ham
Eggs & Jam in a Mug
Cheesy Eggs & Broccoli Mug
Veggie and Mozzarella Egg Mug
Chocolate Cake Breakfast Mug
Chocolate Banana Cake Mug
Mushroom Omelet Mug
Cranberry Delight Breakfast Mug
Banana Pumpkin Soufflé


Meat Loaf Mug
Chilaquiles in a Mug
Mac & Cheese Mushroom Melt Mug
Creamy Potato Soup Mug
Ultimate Pizza Mug


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