Under the Kissing Bough

| August 13, 2013


Under the Kissing Bough

RITA Finalist, Best Regency Romance
Winner Laurel Wreath
Beacon Finalist
Golden Quill Finalist

“…It will warm your heart and make you smile.” -Romance Reviews Today
“Her tale of…the blossoming of a love destined to last forever proves compelling, heartwarming, and not to missed.” -Judith Landsdowne, best-selling author

Will Christmas bring her more than a marriage?
Eleanor Glover never thought to marry. But when wickedly handsome Lord Staines, agrees to an arranged marriage, she knows her duty. She agrees to the match, with one condition—a condition she cannot name or write upon her blank card. Now what does she write?

Will the mistletoe bring him more than a wife?

Geoffrey wants a Christmas Eve wedding to please his dying father. As an earl’s son, he knows his duty—and since he cannot have the woman he loved and drove away, he will have the bride his father intends.

But when he finds Eleanor beneath a kissing bough and kiss her. He never anticipated his bride’s warm response, and he begins to see there is more to his bride than a quiet exterior. There may be enough to her, in fact, to heal a wounded heart—and a passion deep enough to match his own.


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