Tooth and Nail: A Christian Fantasy Fiction Novel (The Great Pursuit Book 2)

| January 15, 2018


Amy, a Gheon warrior, continues her path to find a way back into Pete’s realm. While doing so, she encounters the two invisible kids, a well-man, an empty town, and the Damned.

The well-man is most curious to Amy, but although he offers life, she clings onto her own strength.

The invisible children go missing.

Will her own inhibitions prevent her to achieve her goal of finding the kids?

In Pete’s realm, being the mayor of a small town of Winfield, he hopes to become the Principal Law Enforcement. His journey pursues his desire to rise in power. Will his lust for power consume him? ?

Tooth and Nail is a novel for fans of Christian fantasy & adventure, mystery & suspense, Christian young adult, thrillers, and horror.

The Great Pursuit Series*
Encountering Darkness (Book 1)
Tooth and Nail (Book 2)

*Series is incomplete (at least two to three more books will be added to The Great Pursuit Series in the future!)


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