Mad Minute (the sequel to HOT STATUS)

| August 13, 2013


Mad Minute (the sequel to HOT STATUS)

In the early 1970s, about the time New York’s World Trade towers were being completed, the last of the Army’s air defense missile sites closed down, their radars and missiles boxed up and hauled away. The threat from Russian bombers was on the wane.

Forty years later the new threat is from hijacked airliners, but there’s no defense readily available: a fact not lost on Jeff Breen, NYC’s Commander of Counterterror.

Breen seeks out Frank Halbert, former FBI agent (and current federal fugitive), hoping to create an air defense missile site of his own–built with scrounged-up Army surplus hardware and manned by old-time missile vets.

Turns out it’s been done before (Check out the prequel, HOT STATUS).

Along for the ride: Warner McGlaston, 78-year-old ex-Army warrant officer–the man remembers the equipment…pretty much. “Krakatoa” Jack Tilsen, a missile tracking operator of talent. (So he’s a tad volatile.) Cindy Faber, a 22-year-old computer tech in cut-off jeans. She has her eye on Frank. And Gwen Goddard: ex-lingerie supermodel, whose mega-rich fiancé died in the North Tower. She’s the bank. She’s also Frank’s sister-in-law. Sort of. Be good if he could control the drooling.

On the opposing side: CIA agent Phil Rosen, who worms his way into the Nike crew. ATF agent Joyce Kapinsky, pursuing our heroes in order to nail their source of forbidden hardware–an international gunrunner. And DEA agent Hubble Strand, who just wants to spend a little qualilty time with Joyce–if he can get her to ease off the job a little. Good luck with that, Hub.

The crew goes to work setting up an installation in Northern New Jersey, within sight of one of the old Army air defense bases (it’s now a park). They scour the world for viable equipment, ending up in the highlands of Colombia in a life-or-death struggle with a local drug lord.

Their troubles are only just beginning….

MAD MINUTE: 82k words + 2 sample chapters from the prequel, HOT STATUS.


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