Peril in the Park: A Hemisphere Story (A Hemisphere Story: Book 1)

| January 16, 2018


In Hemisphere, the night is lethal.

Police Sergeant Daniel Corgan and his family have just moved to the seemingly ordinary town of Hemisphere. He and his children quickly discover that new dangers lurk in the night. An evil is roaming the streets that has already claimed one victim ā€“ and now has its sights on the kids.

A chain smoking, guardian angel isn’t going to be enough to protect them. They need to learn the ropes of living in the not-so-quaint town – and fast – if they want to survive.

In Hemisphere, anything can happen. And something always does.

Peril in the Park is a Hemisphere Story. G Oldman along with writers Billy Baltimore, JJ Belding and Kit Nash have built Hemisphere and are chronicling the town and its residents.

Other Hemisphere stories are:
Sasquatch: An Emma Spaulding Paranormal Detective ( By Billy Baltimore

Coming Soon:
The Ripple by JJ Belding
The Rise of the Watchman – Book 2 of the Corgan Family Chronicles by G Oldman.
Some Assembly Required: The Rectifier Series by Kit Nash


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