The Outsmarted

| January 20, 2018


*Recently occupied the #6 spot on Amazon for Mystery/Crime ebooks*

Enjoy one of the top Mystery/Crime Novella’s on Wattpad! Detective Markus Henning faces the greatest mystery of his career. Filled with nail-biting intensity, join the witty detective as he finds himself flirting with death and trying to stay one step ahead of a crazed serial killer.

This is a fast-paced Novella, (20,000 words/80 pages) that puts you right into the action. Follow the seasoned detective Markus Henning in the first installment of the Instant Action Book Series. A crazed maniac… great twists… mysterious deaths… a killer drone… slipping handcuffs… c’mon, you’ll love it! Don’t take my word for it though.

Reader’s kudos:

-“I’m not even halfway through this story and I just have to pause so I can gush about it. You’re an amazing writer, I’m sure you know that. You do an excellent job of creating a clear picture in my head, and it feels as if I’m actually there. Also, I’m already deliciously confused just from HALF of the first chapter, that’s awesome! You keep writing and I’ll keep reading!”
-Rebecca Fleming

-“One of the best writers I have seen on Wattpad. Wish this’ll be printed… published soon. “
-Wattpad user

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