Hosta Seizure

| January 20, 2018


Herman Funk, aka Funky, makes his living as a gardener in the small town of Lewes, Delaware, with special expertise in hostas. When an anonymous poetic riddle about hostas surfaces at the public library, it re-awakens the decade-old missing person case of Elisabeth Burgess, an eccentric English professor who was one of Funky’s former clients. The police question Funky once again, suspecting homicide. Cub reporter Stuart Green is assigned to the case, and Funky shares that he has been hearing voices—the voices of hostas that have cracked the human-plant communication barrier. It is urgent that Funky find Elisabeth first to save their genus from an evil force, the hostas emphasize, and Funky and Stuart team up as amateur sleuths to solve the riddle.

Meanwhile, Demetrio Perez struggles as an immigrant gardener. His wealthy client, Agnes Doolittle, advises him to steer clear of another client: Burton Prettyman, a narcissistic philanderer with a shady past who tempts Demetrio with a fraught deal. Agnes blossoms from a reluctant hosta collector into an amateur sleuth, too, as two tales converge under the hostas’ transcendental mantra: The destiny of each is tied to all.

Praise for Hosta Seizure

“Hosta lovers anywhere who have been smitten by this plant will surely relate to Hosta Seizure at some level. It recalls JRR Tolkien’s Hobbit series, with text-specific terminology that sets a hook and is then developed so that the terms become natural as you are plunged into a well developed plot full of several subplots.” —Don Dean, Former President, American Hosta Society

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