Sammy Snowflake- And the Fraidyflakes

| January 20, 2018


Did you know in Cloudtown, where the Fraidyflakes live, every now and again, a snowflake will DROP?!

“They’ll drift through the mist, and fall right out of sight.
And what happens next? Do they fly like a kite?
Well, not one flake knew and that caused a fright.
They were much more like Fraidyflakes than snowflakes all right!”

Join the Fraidyflakes, as they discover the magic of play and trust once again, thanks to a very special snowflake by the name of Sammy.

Sharing inspiring messages and tools to help deal with worries and fear. Building self-confidence and trust inside and out.

An enchanting story for young readers, coupled with captivating and beautiful imagery which will enthrall children and adults alike.

“The message, of taking each day as it comes and enjoying life, is as relevant to each of us as it is to the snowflake inhabiting the clouds above.”

Crystaline Rose is also the author of Suzie Snowflake: a B.R.A.G. medallion award winner and Reader’s Favorite silver medal winner. Illustrator Max Stasuyk has also worked on world-renowned Lori Lite’s Stress Free Kids series.

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