| January 21, 2018


Dawn is the story of the man as he crawls through his, quote, life, close quote, through what he sees as an ever ugly world, encountering characters along the way, all of whom he very much wishes he had never encountered at all…except for one. Right away it is evident something is amiss as the man eventually finds his way back home only to find he in no way knows the people inside and recognizes none of the belongings within it. At some point he encounters the woman who is upon a beach that is atop a cliff, the man having no memory of how he got there. But, who is she? Who is he? Through a wasteland the man he crawls, from nowhere to nowhere, sardonic commentary of the dark comedy of a broken record. Existence? Persistence? And on he crawls, but remembers the one beauty as he does. Crawling and crawling, but leading to what…Where is it all going?

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