Gray Lake: A Novel of Crime and Supernatural Horror

| August 14, 2013


Gray Lake: A Novel of Crime and Supernatural Horror

Brian and Iggy are suddenly living the urban legends and ghost stories they love as they witness a jet-black car cruising across the fog-laced, moonlit surface of Gray Lake.

At the same moment, in the marshes to the north, the battle for dominance over a troubled gang of small-town meth dealers begins.

For Scott Ignatowski, the demonic car’s arrival heralds a downward spiral as he dreams of its sometimes lovely, sometimes ghastly occupants chauffeuring him into murky depths.

For Brian Henderson, it issues in a season of dark love in the form of Maya, a devastatingly beautiful but strangely enigmatic girl he meets on the lakeshore.

Soon the mysteries of the ghost car, coupled with the unstable gang members’ obsessions, will drive Brian, Iggy and others toward fateful choices, hurtling headlong into a violent and deadly showdown on the spectral shores of Gray Lake.

David Bain is also the author of DEATH SIGHT: A WILL CASTLETON NOVEL and several short story collections including SHADOWS, WHISPERS, SHIVERS and NIGHT WRITING, with another collection, DARKER CORRIDORS, coming soon. He is the co-author, with C. Dennis Moore (author of the #1 Amazon Horror bestseller THE THIRD FLOOR) of the short rock n’ roll horror novel BAND OF GYPSIES and the collection TERROR IS OUR TRADE. He teaches writing at a community college in Indiana and is the author of the small book TEN SHORT ESSAYS ON WRITING.


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