The Truth About Love

| January 22, 2018


There is one defining moment in life that changes everything…and that moment came when Brianna Hart least expected it.

Life wasn’t sunshine and roses for Brianna. She was painfully watching her granddad slowly die and dealing with her own insecurities. It’s not that she didn’t believe in love, she just didn’t believe in the fairytale—the happily ever after bullshit. Her experience, love is there…and then it isn’t.

Brianna enjoyed her predictable, normal, breathable life. That is, until she met an intriguing, mysterious, irresistible boy named Sean Gentry. Their journey through love is passionate, heartbreaking and witty. Glass slippers and fairy dust won’t solve the dilemma’s that lie in store for these two. But maybe if they wish for it with all of their might, their fairytale will come true and love will conquer all. After all, first love has the power to make you believe love can last forever.

Let The Truth About Love take you on a true-to-life reminder of the power of first love. This charming love story about an endearing pair of broken teens trying to journey through love is romantic, heart wrenching and comical. This novel is packed full of emotion and brutally honest characters. You will find a slutty fairy princess and a ghost to throw a refreshing twist on this coming of age story.

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