Drop and Give Me 100! The Illustrated No-Nonsense How-To Guide to Reaching 100 Push-Ups and Building the Body of Your Dreams

| August 14, 2013


Drop and Give Me 100! The Illustrated No-Nonsense How-To Guide to Reaching 100 Push-Ups and Building the Body of Your Dreams


Get the Arm Strength and Endurance You Have Always Wanted

The push-up is one of the most fundamental exercises in any workout. That is why many training programs such as the military and police force use it as a primary exercise for fitness testing. However, many people, most likely you also, try to avoid them as much as possible because of the strength and endurance that is required to perform just one.

Within Grant Michaels’s push-up book he will teach you how to achieve the goal of 100 push-ups in one exercise setting. He will start by teaching you how to perform a standard push-up correctly and slowly build you up by giving you exercises that will build your upper body strength. He will further this by taking the strength you are developing and then teaching you how to build up your endurance. This will culminate in the finale of performing 100 push-ups in one set.


Why Are Push-Ups an Essential Exercise?

Push-ups may be one of the least fond exercises, but they are incredibly helpful to the human body. Most people only think that push-ups only serve the arms, but actually they help to increase the strength of your entire core.

Performing push-ups correctly means helping each of the following additional body parts as well as your arms:

  • Shoulders: Push-ups affect the rotator cuff muscles, and when these muscles are in shape push-ups become easier and so do many other exercises.
  • Pectorals or Chest Muscles: Your chest muscles will get bigger as you are consistently moving the upper arms toward the center of your body.
  • Upper Back: Push-ups work the rotator cuff muscles which help to decrease back pain because an even pressure is being applied during exercise.
  • Abdominals: To keep your back flat during a push-up your abs should be contracted so this means you are also building these muscles when performing a correct push-up.
  • Lower Back: When you perform a push-up correctly, you are correcting bad posture in the process, and this will result in less back pain and a better stance and balance.


How Does This Book Make Push-Ups a Simple Exercise?

The beauty behind Michaels’s book is that he does not take a newbie and throw them in the deep end. Instead, he gives you a four stage program that will help you build the body strength necessary to eventually perform 100 push-ups in one set.

His routine will help you if…

  • You are new to working out.
  • Your upper body strength is lacking.
  • You have a desire to become fit and healthy.
  • You want endurance and body strength.


What Kind of Results Should You Expect?

Through repetition and alternating exercises, Michaels will get you to the finish line. You will not believe that just a few weeks prior to beginning this simple book just performing 1 push-up was intimidating to you – let alone 100. When you reach this goal, Michaels will work with you to further expand your core strength. You should finish this book fully confident on trying new exercises that will present a new challenge.


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