399 Super Easy Chess Tactics

| August 14, 2013


399 Super Easy Chess Tactics

This chess book has SIMPLE one-move-capture chess puzzles for kids and beginners.

This book is for players just learning chess, rated under 1000, that are still missing simple one move chess tactics involving hanging pieces.

This book contains chess puzzles that are truly for beginners (not books that are labeled for beginners, but have advanced materials like 2-3 move combinations).

Solving problems like this is the best way to avoid such errors in real chess games, and most chess books jump right into more advanced chess tactics before the basics are truly mastered

Each chess problem is presented on one page, and the answer is conveniently given on the next page.

All positions are from real chess games played by real players. The chess positions are shown from point of view from the person to move. This chess book is designed specially for kindle, really for beginners, dozens and dozens of simple problems for an inexpensive price.


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