How To Find The Time To Write

| January 23, 2018


Have you always wanted to write a novel but found there are never enough hours in the day?
Are you a stay-at-home parent struggling to find the time to write or in a job with long hours that leaves little time for anything else?

The problem is, you know you’d be fantastic at writing a novel but when could you possibly fit it in?
This ebook contains everything you need to know to help you find that time to write:-
• By showing you how to rearrange tasks you already do so that none are missed but you still have time to write.
• How to make the most of those pockets of time that you do find.
• What to write when you do find the time and how to go about it in the most efficient way.
• How to plan so that you can progress even if you can only find a few minutes to write.
It lists and explains everything you need to write a best-selling novel so that you can get started with the business of writing it straight away

Learn how to discover the time you didn’t think you had by reprioritising and rescheduling – leaving you free to write your novel without adding more stress to your already busy life.
I wrote my first novel while up to my eyeballs in nappies and here are all the tricks I have learned to be able to carve out time for myself to write without impacting on anything else. Stop saying you will write a book someday and make today the day you start!
Pick up your copy now so that you can find more time to write your masterpiece while making sure your family life doesn’t suffer.
Don’t feel guilty by pursuing your dreams – it’s time to feel good about yourself.

Stop wishing to magically find that extra time to write and make it happen for YOU now.

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