Fitness for the simple minded:Only five exercises you need to do for any fitness goals

| January 24, 2018


Learn how to get started with your goals without over complicating them!

I remember about a decade ago when I decided to make a change with my physique. I was on every site, every YouTube video I can learn from in order to get closer to my goals. But none of them gave me a clear cut idea or a set way to get to my goals without thinking to much.I remember mixing up all the methods and idea that I did research on in order to come up with a fitness plan.
It was a a chore for me……I felt like I was in university trying to get a degree, I remember vividly that I spent a whole week before I stepped in the gym, because I was doing my research and making up a workout plan when I had no idea if it’s going to work or not. Eventually after doing even more research and making fitness a habit for a couple of years I realized that staying in shape and helping others getting towards there fitness goals was something I really enjoyed, so I decided to make this my career.
Since then I have gone on to spend thousands of dollars on educating myself and working with the best in the industry to help me and the people I help day to day get closer to their goals, now fast forward to the present where I have a considerable knowledge and ability to get people closer to their goals when It comes to fitness and health. If look back at my old self who had started this journey I come to realize how clueless I was when it came to programming my workouts, I wish I could time travel and help my old self get closer to the goals I set out for myself a decade ago while avoiding injuries that I have had along the road, and get to my goals in half the time it took me in order to achieve them. The reason why I am writing this book is to help out everyone in there journey to better health and physique. This book will be an eye opener on how the knowledge that you have currently might be hindering you from getting to your goals,If it is then this book will most certainly change that for you. Whether you want get more muscular, loose body fat or just get in shape and stay healthy as a “newbie” or even if you have been working out for years then this might be the book that changes you for better.

The things that will be covered!

  • What are the five exercises
  • Why resistance training is important for anyone at any fitness level!!
  • How to use sets,repitition,tempo based on your fitness level
  • how someone should start with their fitness goals
  • And Much more

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