Going to the Beach: What should I bring with me?: A children’s book about a boy going to the beach, wondering if it would be better to take his teddy bear than swim ring, Picture Books,

| January 25, 2018


You can discuss and negotiate with your toddler about everything! Yes, you do! Hope this book will help you, because book describes typical mother-child interactions in everyday life.

You are going somewhere with your toddlers, maybe to the beach. They are so excited and they are ready before you. They run to brush their teeth and wash. But you have one problem, your child wants to take all of his or her favorite toys. All! Of course, you don’t want to take any extra things to the beach.

And maybe you are like me and you think that you need to explain, not order, to the child to take only the necessary toys. I made this special book for this occasion. We hope it will make these routine easy for toddlers and their Moms and Dads.
Catchy illustrations attract the attention of your sweet one. Child-friendly texts will help your toddler understand and ponder.


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