Down and Out: A Young Adult Dystopian Adventure (The Undercity Series Book 1)

| January 25, 2018


Endless Darkness. Oppression. A Fragmented Society.

Sealed away in the bleak tunnels of Undercity, Teddy Peterson forages through the decaying remains of a shattered civilization. Surrounded by darkness, he and his adopted family of scroungers struggle to survive under the tyranny of the Upperlords. Their city is crumbling, and their tormentors don’t care.

Desperate to save the people he loves, Teddy searches for answers. Just when he and his sister make a discovery that promises hope everything crashes down around them. Will he ever find freedom… and how many people might he lose along the way?

DOWN AND OUT is the first book in the Undercity Series—a young adult dystopian adventure. If you like visually stunning worlds filled with a diverse collection of engaging characters, you’ll thoroughly enjoy digging into Kris Moger’s society of desperation and hope.

Get your free ebook copy and explore the depths of Undercity today.


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