The Grumpy Kid

| January 26, 2018


“He’s called grumpy kid. His nickname suits him well because he’s always very grumpy and not so swell.”
Do you ever feel grumpy? Have you ever felt like no one is listening to you? Well, this is exactly how Arin, otherwise known as the grumpy kid, feels. He’s grumpy all the time, and when a group of kids at school ask him why he’s grumpy, Arin can barely get a word out which makes him even grumpier than before. The others speak for him and make assumptions about why Arin is so grumpy. Finally, Arin has enough and runs off into the forbidden woods. Will the others go find him or will they continue to argue with one another about why Arin is grumpy?
Fully illustrated for early readers, this is a great teaching tool for children who feel grumpy or children who are learning about letting others speak for themselves.


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