The Golden Helm: More Tales from the Edge of Sleep

| January 26, 2018


Twelve fantasy and sci-fi tales. If you wander long in the realms on the edge of sleep, you may begin to see strange visions. You may hear the lonely calling of the sea people, and catch the glint of a golden helm with the power to change the fate of kingdoms. You may hear the gibbering of a horde of monsters, lurking for unsuspecting travelers.
You may meet a strange rodent-like alien, who only wants to borrow your library card. You might see a tree with a single potent apple swelling on its branch, or a strange machine flickering in and out of time and reality. You might glimpse the horn of a unicorn piercing the mist. You might overhear the hours passing, soft footed, down the halls of eternity, or even hear the howling of a wolf with a terrible secret.
For readers who enjoy tales of magic and the imagination.

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