The Last Summer

| August 14, 2013


The Last Summer

Daniel Eastbriar has finally made good use of that camcorder his parents gave him for his birthday.
How? He has secretly recorded his overbearing mother Annie, or Hitler with breast, having her “afternoon delight” with their neighbor. Not a normal activity for an 18 year old boy and his sister but it’s a last ditch effort to expose her double life to their spineless father. For years Daniel and Sam have endured their mothers abuse, Daniel because he is gay, Sam because she idolizes him but now he has the tape of his mother acting like an amateur porn queen, that should change things right? Until the tape disappears.
Known for recording his workout sessions in his room, that camera is always on. When Sam finds Daniel dead, hanging by the very belt she brought him for his birthday, she struggles to move on with her life. Left without an ally in her own home she tries to overcome her resentment towards Daniel for leaving her. In the midst of starting her life over Sam uncovers Daniels camcorder and is forced to see with her own eyes that her family’s dysfunction runs deeper that she could ever dream.
The Last Summer was written after the author, Kimberly Cooper, had a dream about actor Thomas Dekker, in her dream, he was recording a woman, although Mrs.Cooper could not see what he was taping, whatever he saw through his lens made him very unhappy. Even though Mrs. Cooper does not know Mr. Dekker, his work in movies and television have inspired her first 2 novels.


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